On-Demand Replay: Q3 Calix Leadership Series featuring Fred Reichheld

Want to Increase Subscriber Satisfaction Even More?

As an industry, telecommunications is known to have among the lowest subscriber satisfaction scores. Yet many broadband service providers (BSPs) that partner with Calix have seen their subscriber satisfaction scores skyrocket. How are they beating under-performing legacy operators? Simple. They’re measuring the subscriber experience and delivering services—and support—that yield loyalty for life. At the same time, these BSPs are simplifying their business and growing their value in the communities they serve.  

As BSPs face increasing competition in their markets, it’s critical to implement the latest best practices that will keep subscriber satisfaction high.

Watch this replay where Fred Reichheld, customer loyalty expert and creator of the Net Promoter Score® (NPS®), joins Calix EVP of commercial operations and CMO, Matt Collins to discuss just that. Discover how you can purposefully measure subscriber experience quality and build an organization grounded subscriber loyalty by using the number-one tool for understanding and improving subscriber satisfaction